Commercial Vehicles and Trucking Accidents

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Commercial Vehicles and Trucking Accidents

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Accidents involving semi-trucks, commercial vehicles and 18-wheelers are like car accidents but require a very intense and immediate level of investigation once these crashes occur.  The size and weight of these vehicles often result in crashes that instantly cause fatalities or permanent injuries requiring a lifetime of assisted care.  It is extremely important to hire an attorney immediately if you are involved in this type of accident because there is evidence unique to these types of accidents that need to be collected and preserved immediately.  Failure to acquire and preserve the information unique to trucking accidents can result in the insurance company getting the upper hand and severely impact your ability to receive compensation. 


Truck accidents can happen for many reasons, including improper vehicle maintenance, tired or distracted drivers and drivers operating these vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol.   Lyons Legal is available to investigate your trucking accident case that occurs anywhere in the State of Florida at no cost to you if we do not win your case.

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