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Car Accidents and Motorcycle Accidents

Won in settlements and verdicts

A car accident can truly be a life altering event that Lyons Legal is prepared to help you handle. Instantly, and due to no fault of your own, one can have serious injuries, a damaged vehicle and overall anxiety about what to do next.  There are several important steps that must be taken immediately after an accident in order to properly preserve your legal rights under Florida Law.

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Wrongful Death

Recovering compensation that recognizes the value of the deceased.

The unexpected loss of a loved one can leave a family not only having to face the trauma of the loss but against a time limit called the statute of limitations.  This is a time limit requiring that a lawsuit for wrongful death may only be filed within a specific period of time after the death.

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Florida Malpractice


Florida Malpractice

In Florida you have 2 years to bring a medical malpractice case.


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We are here to fight for our clients. No one can prey on your loss.

Swimming Pool and Drowning Accidents

Fighting for Justics on Behalf of the People of Florida.

Drowning and swimming pool accidents are an unfortunate, yet common occurrence here in Florida.  Sadly, Florida continues to have one of the highest numbers in drowning deaths, especially in young children. 

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Commercial Vehicles and Trucking Accidents

We win settlements and verdicts

Accidents involving semi-trucks, commercial vehicles and 18-wheelers are like car accidents but require a very intense and immediate level of investigation once these crashes occur.  The size and weight of these vehicles often result in crashes that instantly cause fatalities or permanent injuries requiring a lifetime of assisted care. 

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